brian beinlich, web designer


I believe that the sites I create, and the satisfied clients I have, reflect my primary strengths as an engineer and as a person.  I feel that three in particular – accuracy, customer service, and professionalism – merit further explanation.


It is essential that your site make an excellent first impression.  I understand the importance of making sure that impression is the best it can be.  I have a good eye for detail and am especially good at spotting spelling and grammar errors.  Spelling errors and poor grammar greatly undermine the credibility of any presentation materials, be they print or electronic.

I strive to provide error-free software and web site designs.  I believe in coding to web (HTML and CSS) standards.  Validating pages to these standards is a routine part of my development process and I usually test my designs on five different web browsers to ensure compatibility.  While it is occasionally necessary to deviate from standards due to web browser peculiarities, I can almost always find a different way to design the page that results in acceptable presentation without violating standards.

I use a lot of “building blocks” in my designs.  Since these modules are used by my other sites, their track record and accuracy are known.  And since I don’t reinvent the wheel, it saves me time – and you receive higher quality for less money.

Customer Service and Responsiveness

I pride myself on being available to my clients.  Conventional wisdom sometimes says that relying on a “webmaster” to make your site’s changes can lead to problems.  My experience is the opposite.  Often a client finds that they can use a classic web site design rather than a Content Management System (CMS) because their webmaster is responsive, so keeping the site up-to-date is not a problem.  A classic site design can be cheaper to implement than a CMS, especially for those projects where the client wants their site to look and behave exactly the way they want.  Please read my article about CMS vs. classic web design for a more in-depth discussion of this issue.  Since I offer both kinds of sites, we have the flexibility to work together to select the best options for your specific project.

I strive to have clear and open communication with my clients.  There is a trend toward using text messages or email as a primary form of communication.  While these methods have their place, I actually prefer the telephone, or even in-person meetings.  Conversations and meetings allow complex issues to be discussed more thoroughly, and resolved more quickly, with fewer misunderstandings.  This usually results in lower project costs.  And besides, it’s a lot more enjoyable!


My highest priority is to do my best to provide a finished project that meets your needs, fits within your budget, and is delivered on time.  I provide estimates beforehand, then submit regular reports that track my progress against those estimates.  Doing so helps to avoid surprises along the way (or when the invoice arrives).

My years of engineering experience often allow me to suggest options with a higher probability of success – or to avoid risky or unproven technologies.

I strive to be direct and honest in my business and personal life.  I will not hesitate to direct your business elsewhere if my skills are not a good match for your needs.