brian beinlich, web designer


Web site design

I've been creating web sites since about 1993.  Web sites have come a long way since then, and these days it's important to know about the two main types of web site architectures in use today.

Web site "flavors"

Web sites fall into two general categories: what I call "classic" (or "hand-made") sites, and "content management systems" (or CMS for short).  The main difference between these two types is the way you make updates to the site once the site has been created.

With a classic site, your web designer (often called a webmaster or webmistress) makes any changes you request.  On the other hand, a CMS-based site allows you to update the content using only your web browser and a special administrative web page.  Blogs and online newspapers use these types of systems.  The most popular CMS have names like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal

I find that it is usually more difficult (but not impossible) to create an exact look and functionality using a CMS because they are based on templates and modules that other people have developed.  You can always create a custom template or module, but that involves extra effort.

CMS-based sites are written and supported by large groups of developers, whereas I build classic sites myself.  I use standard web development tools such as PHP and MySQL wherever possible so that you are not locked into a particular provider or vendor.  In addition, I use modules that I have created over the years, which allows me to create a basic site quickly.  These modules are well-understood and proven, which lowers your risk and your cost.

I am able to provide either classic or CMS-based web sites, so you have the flexibility to make the best choice for your needs.  For more discussion about classic web sites vs. CMS-based sites, I suggest you read my Tech Talk article on the subject.

My software engineering background draws me toward web site projects that are more technically challenging.  If your project involves a lot of data or a has a technical component, then I would particularly enjoy discussing your needs with you.

Graphical design

The way your site looks to your visitors is far more important than the tools used to build it.  I don't consider myself to be all that artistically creative, although I do receive compliments for my ideas.  I know my way around graphics programs such as Photoshop, so if you have some idea of how you might like your site to look, I can probably put it onto the page. 

I have also created a few brochures, and you can see examples in the Portfolio.

I have access to graphic artists and other design resources, so we can call on them if necessary.  Doing so often saves you money while giving you a great-looking site.  This is because an experienced graphic designer can implement your ideas more quickly.

Web site hosting

Before you can launch your web site, you'll need a server to host it.  I can provide web site hosting as part of my services if you desire.  If you want to purchase your own hosting, I highly recommend Bluehost.comDisclosure: I am a Bluehost affiliate, and receive compensation for customers I refer to them.

Video and audio production

Video and audio projects are a hobby of mine, and complement my interest in music.  They also provide me with an outlet for my non-technical side. 


I think it is fair to say that I "dabble" in video recording and production, since I would not consider my work to date as being up to professional standards. 

I use a 1080p HD camcorder that provides excellent video quality.  Because of my audio background and love of music, my particular interest in video production is working to "get the sound right." 

Since most of my projects have been for either volunteer or other low-budget situations, I have not had the luxury of spending the time necessary to really polish my efforts.  You may view samples of my work in the Portfolio section.


I have done audio mixing and engineering in various forms since 1975.  My primary expertise is in live sound mixing, although I have participated in a couple of studio projects. 

From 1975 until about 1980 I worked as the house sound engineer for the Celebrity Theatre, a 2700-seat theatre-in-the-round with a revolving center stage located in Phoenix, Arizona.  When the Celebrity's resident promoter moved his operation to a large outdoor amphitheatre, I was an officer of a production company that supplied sound, lighting, and stage crew for the venue.  I also owned a sound system rental business. 

For the last twenty years I have worked as the live sound engineer for two Portland bands, Bump and Fez Fatale.  I have also been involved in all of their studio projects, although not as the recording engineer.  Fez Fatale even named one of their albums ("Soundman") after me!

I really enjoy working with sound and video, and would like to do more of these types of projects in the future.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you.  Note that audio recording sessions, video shoots, and production are charged much differently than for software services, and the price tends to be more negotiable.

Software development

With over 35 years of software engineering experience, I have been around the block enough times to distinguish the latest fads from true innovations.  I invite you to review my professional history by reading my Resume.

Although most of my recent software development work has revolved around web sites and databases, my Electrical Engineering degree gives me a good understanding of hardware design.  I still enjoy working on hardware-related projects such as control systems, so if you are looking for a team member to join such a project, I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you.