brian beinlich, web designer

Web Site Design Portfolio

This is a sampling of web sites that I've worked on over the years.

The Airport Guide
The Airport Guide A high-end, heavily data-driven site with extensive information on over 10,000 airports worldwide.  For example, a user could type "KPDX" into the search box near the top center and see how much information is available for a typical airport.

I added several data sections to the airport information page, built the paid advertising system, and created the site's membership system that uses PayPal to provide recurring (subscription) payment services.  I also worked with aviation service providers to create a custom communications protocol to integrate the site with aviation services such as communications, messaging, and permitting.

The version I worked on is no longer on-line.
Mound Time Baseball
Mound Time Baseball I did the layout and design for this site, added client-supplied content, and contributed some photos that I shot.  The site features a photo slide slow and a headline banner on the home page for announcements. 
When I began work on the site, the client had moved to a new facility several months before but had been unable to update the site to reflect his new location because his previous web developer had been unresponsive to his requests.
I recently completed a graphical redesign of the site.
Save Helvetia
Save Helvetia A large site that I developed on a volunteer basis beginning in 2009.  Note the extensive use of video in the "Making Our Case" section, some of which I shot myself.  There aren't a lot of graphics on this site, but there is a large amount of content. 
While the Reserves process was active, citizens could use the site to submit testimony and messages to decision-makers, which were stored in a database and approved by an administrator before being delivered.  We could also analyze the testimony for geographic and other information.  This capability was a key strategy for the group.
Helvetia Community Association
Helvetia Community Association A companion site to Save Helvetia, created when the Association was formed in 2011.  The site features an online product sales system that allows the Association to sell Helvetia-themed merchandise.  The ordering system allows easy entry and updating of products by an administrator, and is integrated with the PayPal system.  The system is also put into service for the annual Helvetia Culture Fest (see below).
Helvetia Culture Fest
Helvetia Culture Fest This seasonal site supports promotion and ticket sales for the Culture Fest.  It uses the Helvetia Community Association's product sales system to sell tickets and merchandise.  The back-end of the system generates name tags, admission sheets, merchandise pick-up lists, etc. in support of the event.
Pure Waters Northwest
Pure Waters Northwest This client used a graphics designer with a print background who created a very attractive set of page layouts.  My task was to duplicate the exact look of those layouts in the browser.  We added an animation to the home page to give the site a bit more flair.
La Finquita Del Buho
La Finquita Del Buho A small family farm (CSA) that uses the WordPress Content Management System as the basis for their site.  I created a custom recipe search/indexing page (see "Recipes") and also customized the theme a bit so that the site doesn't look quite as much like every other WordPress site out there.
Rocky Ridge Ranch
Rocky Ridge Ranch This site uses a visually-oriented presentation, several photo slide shows, and integrates with an on-line reservation service.  The client specifically requested the wide-screen look, which helps to convey the "big country" feel of the Ranch.
Preferred Landscape Services
Preferred Landscape Services I took over maintenance of this site and added a photo gallery with captions and selectable photo albums ("categories").  I also added a moving-image feature on the home page.
The version that I created is no longer on-line.
I also created a printed tri-fold brochure for the company, which you can view here:    INSIDE    OUTSIDE
Greg Mecklem
archive of Greg Mecklem's site A political campaign site with a significant amount of content, including photos and video (under "Media") and a Facebook feed on the home page.  This site also has an internal e-mail system that the campaign used to communicate with supporters.  I also managed the campaign's Twitter account.
I shot the 4th of July parade in HD video, although I think my video roduction capabilities have greatly improved since then!  The video is on YouTube at  It runs about 4 minutes.  I find the quality of HD video on YouTube to be quite impressive, especially when viewed full-screen.
This site is no longer on-line, but you can view an archived version here.
North Plains Junior Baseball Association
archive of North Plains Junior Baseball Association I reworked the layout, design and internal structure of this site to improve maintainability.  I also created the scrolling "sponsors" feature.  I donated the effort as a board member.  If I were to do this site today, I would implement it using a content management system.
The version I created is no longer on-line, but you can view an archived version here.